• Why is Bacillus subtilis so hot?

    When the biological fertilizer with Bacillus subtilis acts on crops or soil, the bacteria can be planted in the rhizosphere or body of crops, and play a specific fertilizer effect. It contains protease and other substances, which can decompose and inhibit the growth of bacteria and pests in the soil. At the same time, it has the characteristics of long life, low sensitivity to the environment and long shelf life, so it is favored by dealers and enterprises. So what kind of effect does it have?
  • Fertilizer "level 3", microbial agent or "level 1"

    With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, the production of pollution-free crops, from "field to table" to ensure the production safety of crops, the rational use of fertilizer is of great significance. The unreasonable use of fertilizer has brought increasingly prominent soil degradation and ecological threat, which has promoted the national control policies for the fertilizer industry to come out one after another.
  • Standards and functions of microbial agents

    The measurement standard of bacteria is "CFU", and the unit is "billion / g or billion / ml". The quantity can not represent all. It depends not only on the number of bacteria, but also on the number of effective living bacteria. Only the living bacteria play a role after use. The greater the number of beneficial living bacteria, the better the effect.