About Us


Thank you very much for your support and attention to yichib!
We are here to serve the nation's agriculture. We need to speed up the adjustment of China's agricultural structure, upgrade traditional agriculture, improve the quality and taste of agricultural products, improve the market competitiveness of agricultural products, and increase agricultural efficiency and farmers' incomes. We hope to translate science into a sustainable contribution to agriculture, with trichoderma at the core of our products, from microbial preparations to fertilizers to soil modifiers. Our job is to serve agriculture and we take responsibility for the growers we serve.
We need to promote cutting-edge science and technology that can significantly improve crop health and harvests. We value the diversity of our products, technologies, markets or customers. We believe that the combination of diverse perspectives and Shared goals will inspire new ideas and approaches to meet the needs of ever-changing markets.
We focus on doing well in the world, being disciplined and monitoring each other, because our work is closely related to agricultural products. We strive to win the trust of our customers by upholding high standards of quality, integrity, fairness and integrity in our business practices.
For our business and the customers we serve, our company's commitment is our commitment to the growers.
We sincerely hope to work with you to advance agriculture with technology and fulfill our commitment to the growers.